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Mosques are the centre-point of a community where the Muslims unite on all occasions, greatest of which are the 5 daily prayers in congregation. Unfortunately, in today's 'fast- paced' lifestyle many brothers become forgetful, passive and sometimes even lazy to perform this obligation, which is incumbent on all Muslim men. This could be simply because they do not now what time their local mosque is praying or even where their local mosque is located! Jamat Times informs users where the local mosque is and what time they pray in jamat.

However Jamat Times doesn't just offer this, it bring brothers and sisters inside the mosque by offering information on upcoming events, the facilities the mosque has such as madrassas, classes and circles women and new muslim facilities, as well as funeral, marriage and hall hire to name a few. Also information such as committee members, what projects the mosque are raising fund and in need of help with, and how you can get actively involved in supporting your local mosque. With Jamat Time you don't have to feel like a stranger to your mosque anymore.

Futhermore, Jamat Times enhances the experience for those 'on the go' by making this information within reach to traveller, city or nation- wide, with just a click of a mouse. But the experience isn't over yet, because Islam is not a religion for the mosque only, it is complete in every angle, touching all aspects of life. So JamatTimes goes further to bring the Mosques and the Muslims within its surrounding area into the community by connecting them with local institutions near every mosque, i.e. the halal businesses, grocery stores, halal meat and fast food restaurants, local council/ authorities, commercial/legal services and much more.

With this and all our projects we hope to achieve the aim of uniting the Muslims in the UK, networking the Mosques and building ties within the community, as well as supporting our own Muslim businesses and establishment. These steps we believe are the steps that will draw us closer in becoming unified and achieving a well established community in the UK.

Wait no more, don't be a stranger to your community ENTER THE JAMAT!

Our Future Aims is not just a project for the here and now. Our project aims are long term, with the continuous development along side the growing and flourishing Muslim community.

We have BIG aims and hope to succeed in our campaign in making the congregational prayer easy and start building our lives around our prayers! From making your mosque accessible from the click of button we will be introducing email and text messagng services so that your local mosque jamattimes and announcements can come straight to your inbox or mobile. No matter how busy your life is, Jamat Times is there to remind you.

We also hope to research and develop software for our ever growing satellite navigation system devices and perhaps converting Tom Tom to Abdullah Abdullah! A satellite navigation system with a built in database of Mosques and jamat timings is what we are working towards! Jamat Times is the perfect companion for all travellers. Abolish missing prayers on travel because you don’t know where the mosque is or when the prayer / jamat timings are. Rather we hope to develop technology which will mean your Sat Nav can let you know your next prayer time and place is only a few miles away and direct you to the nearest mosque.

Besides all the various ways we hope to make the prayer easy for you, we also aim to increase the standards of our mosques by creating a relationship with the mosque and its community. intends to instill into the hearts of Muslims a want to be in the mosque and love of the mosque. This will be done by utilizing the network JamatTimes will create through the 1000 mosque pages created bringing the many communities together. By giving everyone the opportunity to voice the wants and needs from the local mosque we can insha'Allah find solutions and project plans to achievements!

From lectures, dawah workshops, children's events, Islamic courses for adults, sports, recreation and much more JamaTTimes will forge the missing link between the community and the mosque bringing the congregation back into the mosque and the mosque back into the hearts of the Muslims.

Through our many events, courses, advertising campaigns and UK tours, needs your support in achieving all this for our communities. We pray and wish for the Muslims to finally feel the presence of a united jamat here in the UK. Everyone is going to love this and want to be a part of this Jamat simply because it is an incredible way for us to Unite our Muslims and Mosques. - Be a part of something great by emailing us your interests and support the project!

We are currently looking for people in the following areas:

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